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Scrap My Car in Peoria, IL

Sell My Car For Cash In Peoria IL to Neal Auto Parts

Where to Scrap my Car in Peoria, IL

The best way to Scrap My Car in Peoria, IL is to sell it to Neal’s U-Pull & Save. If you have a junk car or truck sitting in your yard, we will make an offer to buy it. Local Peoria, IL pickup is available.

We will make a cash offer on your unwanted vehicle whether you bring it to us or we pick it up for you. It’s easy to sell your junk car at Neal’s U-Pull & Save. We have 3 ways to sell your junk vehicles.

3 Ways to Junk My Car in Peoria, IL

One of the easiest ways to sell your junk car to Neal’s U-Pull & Save is by phone. Our office hours are M-F 8 AM-5 PM & SAT 8 AM-3:30 PM. We will give you a cash offer the same day by phone.

The second way to sell your wrecked vehicles or junk cars to Neal’s Auto Parts is to fill out the form on our website. If received during office hours, a car buyer will be in contact with you the same business day. If received after business hours, we will contact you the next business day.

Last but not least is our chat feature on our website & Facebook page. We use Facebook Messenger for our online chat service, making it easy to follow us on Facebook, as well as interact with our customer service representatives.

We Recycle Auto Parts For a Better Environment

The best thing about selling your car for scrap to Neal’s U-Pull & Save in Peoria, IL is getting paid, however, you can also feel good knowing that every single auto part still in good condition will be recycled & used again.

Everything else will be scraped & recycled. After all, a good car door is a good car door & keeps driveable vehicles on the road.

So next time you say I need to scrap my car in Peoria, IL, think Neal’s U-Pull & Save. Thanks for taking the time to read our blog & be sure to follow us on social media.

Click Here to Scrap Your Junk Car in Peoria IL

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Sell Your Wrecked Car in IL

sell your wrecked car in peoria il
sell your wrecked car in peoria il

Sell your wrecked car in IL to Neal Auto Parts in Peoria, IL. We offer cash money for wrecked cars, junk cars, used cars, & any vehicle with salvage auto parts on it.

Get a cash offer on your wrecked car in IL from Neal Auto Parts in one of the various ways to sell your vehicle to Neal Auto Parts. Here is a quick reference list for how to sell your car to Neal’s.

exterior of Neal Auto Parts junkyard in Peoria, IL

We are always buying cars & trucks in the Peoria, IL area so contact us today to sell us your vehicle in Illinois. We pay cash on the spot.

We buy both running & non-running cars & trucks. If you can’t get your vehicle to us, no need to worry, Neal’s can come to get it for you.

Just contact our friendly sales staff, take some photos of the vehicle, and get a cash offer on your car or truck.

Don’t let that junk car rot in your field, get some extra cash to spend during the holidays. Call Neal’s today to get rid of your junk cars or unwanted vehicles in the Peoria, IL area. Most of our customers receive a cash offer the same day or with 24 hours of sending their information to our sales representatives.

Thanks for reading & we look forward to buying your vehicle.