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All You Can Carry September 2023 at Neal’s U-Pull & Save

All You Can Carry Sale - September 2023 at Neal's U-Pull & Save

The All You Can Carry September 2023 Sale event for Neal’s U-Pull & Save has been announced. On September 23, 2023, Neal’s U-Pull & Save will host their biggest sale of the year. For just $85 buy all the used auto parts you can carry.

Save hundreds of dollars on auto parts with this event, with everything included but tires & batteries. $3 Entry Fee + $85 for all the parts you can pull & carry 10 yards across the finish line.

See Rules & Details Below

We are located at 3407 W Farmington Rd. in Peoria, IL 61604. This event is not only a lot of savings for our customers, but also a lot of fun. So come on down to Neal’s U-Pull & Save on September 23, 2023 & check it out.

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Polar Pull 2023 All You Can Carry Event

All You Can Carry Junkyard

Our First Polar Pull 2023 All You Can Carry Event is the first one of the new year. It is scheduled for Saturday, Feb 4th from 8 AM TO 3:30 PM at Neal’s U-Pull & Save located at 3407 W Farmington Rd. in Peoria IL 61604. It’s sure to be a lot of fun for both participants & spectators alike.

Don’t miss this chance to save big on used auto parts. For just $85 + entry fee, our customers can stock up on all the car & truck parts they need. The only catch is you have to carry them ALL the last 10 yards across the finish line unassisted. Multiple entries into the yard are allowed, so stocking up on auto parts for huge savings is encouraged.

See the rules below.

Polar Pull 2023 All You Can Carry U Pull It Event at Neal's U-Pull & Save
Polar Pull 2023 All You Can Carry Auto Parts Event

Be sure to set a reminder for Feb. 4th, 2023, so that you can come out & enjoy the huge savings. All of our u-pull-it inventory is listed online under the U-Pull tab on the website. Yard rules & other useful information about our facility are available for viewing as well.

How Much Can You Carry?

Follow us on Facebook & Instagram for highlights of the event.

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U-Pull It Winter Hours Notice 2022

U-Pull It Winter Hours for Neals U-Pull & Save for 2022

Neal’s U-Pull & Save Winter Hours

Our U-Pull It Winter hours have changed for 2022.

New hours starting 10/17/2022 to allow us to refresh inventory safely while providing more options for our customers daily. We will still open at the normal 8 AM time on 1/2 price Wednesdays & Saturdays while opening at 8:30 AM on other days to accommodate for fewer daylight hours during the winter.

Winter Hour Schedule

MON 8:30AM TO 4:30PM*

TUE 8:30 AM TO 4:30 PM*

WED 8:00 AM TO 4:30 PM*

THUR 8:30 AM TO 4:30 PM*

FRI 8:30 AM TO 4:30 PM*

SAT 8:00AM TO 3:30PM

* Tires & Batteries Section Open M-F TIL 5 PM

U-Pull It Winter Hours 2022 for Neal's U-Pull & Save Auto Parts Junkyard in Peoria, IL.
Pull Your Own Auto Parts, Used Tires For Sale, & Used Auto Batteries For Sale in Peoria, IL
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Ready, Aim, & Save Event 2022

Ready Aim Save Event at Neal's U Pull It Junkyard in Peoria IL

Neal’s U-Pull & Save Used Auto Parts


Come on down to Neal’s U-Pull & Save from 8 AM TO 3:30 PM on July 30,200 & score some free swag or discount on your used auto parts purchases.

All it takes is a quick game of bean bag toss & you can walk away with some pretty cool stuff or discounts.

Come see us at 3407 W Farmington Rd. in Peoria, IL for a Saturday of fun.

Follow us on Facebook & Instagram for more updates.

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U-Pull It Tips

u-pull-it tips for pulling your own auto parts in peoria, il

With the growing popularity in using self-service junkyards as sources for low-priced used auto parts, we decided to give a few u-pull it tips to our new customers. While most of our customers on the self-service side are familiar with auto repairs, it may be the first time they’ve visited Neal’s U-Pull & Save. So here are a few tips on how to prepare for the trip.

One of the big differences in our facility & others starts with our technology. These vehicles may be in the u-pull-it lot, but they still have great parts & we inventory them all. We make our entire inventory available for viewing online. It is updated every 24 hours to keep you up to date on new arrivals.

We like to give our customers as much information as possible upfront. Then you can make the decision before wasting time & fuel to visit the facility in person. So this is a good tip to get started with.

1 – Use Our Website & Auto Parts Search Technology

One of the most frustrating things about using a self-service junkyard option is knowing if they have the vehicle in the lot. At Neal’s U Pull & Save, we take that guesswork out by listing all of our u-pull-it inventory on our website. This is located under the U-Pull & Save tab on the menu bar.

There is also a lot of other useful information under this tab that can help prepare you for your visit. We have parts pricing, yard rules, & warranty information online. All of our used auto parts that you pull yourself come with a 30-day warranty.

There is a $3 entry fee & we also have regular specials that make the savings even better. Our Half-Off Wednesday is a weekly special & our Winter U Pull It Deals help motivate you to save by deeper savings for pulling parts in the cold.

Pull Your Own Auto Parts in Central IL at Neals U Pull & Save
Pull your own car parts in Central IL at Neal’s U-Pull It & Save

2 – Bring Your Own Tools

U-Pull It Tips #2, once you have a good idea of the auto parts you want to pick from our inventory, it’s time to make an assessment of what tools you want to bring. We have carts available to haul your tools to the vehicles, but we do not have tools to loan. See our yard rules for more details.

As said before if you’re in the self-service lot, you’re probably familiar with auto repairs, so bring what you would need to do it as if it were at your own shop. So take a good inventory of the tools you will need & be sure to pack them in your tool bag.

Keep in mind we do not supply power, so you will need to have charged batteries when visiting the facility. There are a lot of good battery-operated power tools on the market these days, so battery life is usually not an issue for most of our customers.

3 – Watch For Our Specials

Neal’s has both weekly, monthly, & random specials for our customers to save even more on used auto parts. In addition to our Half-Off Wednesday weekly sale, we have all you can carry events multiple times a year. Our all-you-can-carry events are very popular & provide big savings for all those that participate.

We also have our Neal’s VIP Program which provides a number of other benefits to our customers. This is one of the U-Pull it tips many people often ignore. Everyone knows that pulling your own car parts saves a lot of money, but having that extra savings on top really adds more value.

From resellers to auto repair specialists, our specials can help our customers save a lot more money on auto parts than other self-service junkyards. Following Neal Auto Parts Facebook Page & Instagram is another great way to find out about our specials, so please subscribe to our social media.


We hope this has been a helpful blog post on U-Pull It tips, as well as been informative on what Neal’s U Pull & Save has to offer as well. While we may not have car repair tools to lend out, we do have technology tools that can make finding OEM-Used Auto Parts easier & cheaper.

Knowing if we even have the vehicle in stock saves time & money both. It also gives our customers a chance to prepare for what tools to bring as well. Then showing up on days we are having specials or sales can also help our customers plan to find cheaper alternatives to source auto parts from.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog, & if you don’t see what you need in our Online U-Pull-It Inventory, then be sure to check out our full-service auto parts store solution in Neal Auto Parts.

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Winter U Pull It Deals

u pull it junkyard in central IL Neals U Pull & Save

It’s freezing outside but there are plenty of hot deals to be had at Neal’s U-Pull & Save!
As the temperature dips below freezing… the deals heat up!

Based on the day’s temperature, as it gets colder, the deals get hotter.

This sale will run from now thru February.
Based on the forecasted temperature outside, the discounts will be applied as followed:

  • From 20-32 degrees…get 25% off all the parts you can pull.*
  • From 10-19 degrees…get 35% off all the parts you can pull.*
  • From 9 degrees & lower…get 50% off all the parts you can pull*
    *excludes tires & batteries

Come out & see us this winter at Neal’s U-Pull & Save located at 3407 W Farmington Rd. in Peoria, IL. We have a $3.00 entry fee. Our u pull it vehicle inventory posted online. Call us at (309) 673-7404 with any questions on part availability. You may also message us using Facebook Messenger or through our Facebook Page.

Stay tuned to Neal’s U-Pull & Save blog for more sales.

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Sell Your Wrecked Car in IL

sell your wrecked car in peoria il
sell your wrecked car in peoria il

Sell your wrecked car in IL to Neal Auto Parts in Peoria, IL. We offer cash money for wrecked cars, junk cars, used cars, & any vehicle with salvage auto parts on it.

Get a cash offer on your wrecked car in IL from Neal Auto Parts in one of the various ways to sell your vehicle to Neal Auto Parts. Here is a quick reference list for how to sell your car to Neal’s.

exterior of Neal Auto Parts junkyard in Peoria, IL

We are always buying cars & trucks in the Peoria, IL area so contact us today to sell us your vehicle in Illinois. We pay cash on the spot.

We buy both running & non-running cars & trucks. If you can’t get your vehicle to us, no need to worry, Neal’s can come to get it for you.

Just contact our friendly sales staff, take some photos of the vehicle, and get a cash offer on your car or truck.

Don’t let that junk car rot in your field, get some extra cash to spend during the holidays. Call Neal’s today to get rid of your junk cars or unwanted vehicles in the Peoria, IL area. Most of our customers receive a cash offer the same day or with 24 hours of sending their information to our sales representatives.

Thanks for reading & we look forward to buying your vehicle.